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Entry Time 2023-03-13

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2023 years 4 Month
Time2023 years 4 Month
Time2023 years 4 Month
Pyramid scheme complaint
Unable to Withdraw

My name: Nguyen Thuan (let me

My name: Nguyen Thuan (let me hide my full name) Hometown: DONG NAI At the beginning of March, I joined the Vietnam Stock Exchange and I was invited by an assistant named Truong Minh Anh to join the group of traders led by Mr. Loui. Huy Tran (I have a specific picture of this guy) and was instructed by him to buy Vietnamese securities, VSC (Vietnam shipping meter), but after buying, he said he would multiply his account by 5 in the future. A few days later, due to the decline in the Vietnamese market, Mr. Loui called on members to research international gold stocks with the IG Markets platform (with platform data) with Bui Quang Khai as the account owner when we transferred money. and deposit it through the account named: Bui Van Khai (BIDV bank, account number: 8861049817), after I paid 12,000 USD equivalent to 300 million VND after one month with trading profits guided by teacher loui Huy Tran. My account increased to $32,000 in just about 30 days. However, near the end of April, the so-called teacher and assistant named Truong Minh Anh said they had to withdraw from the gold market and move to the Vietnamese market. At this time, I just started withdrawing money with an amount of nearly 33 thousand dollars, then my account was told by Customer Care that I had to upgrade my download, about 10,000 dollars to upgrade and it would return to the IG Account platform after I logged in. After the money was returned, I made a withdrawal order and was informed that my account had not yet paid the 20% profit fee as instructed by the teacher. After that, I deposited 77 million in profit and continued to withdraw but still Not because my account was notified of a violation because my account was suspected of money laundering and forced me to deposit 80% of the corresponding amount in my account so that I could be verified, but I saw signs of being scammed. If you don't confess, I will prosecute the police.

Nguyễn Thuận
2024-05-14 16:26

Around last March, when I was

Around last March, when I was participating in Vietnamese securities, I was invited to join the international stock exchange group and was provided with an account for a person named Loui Huy Tran and an assistant named Truong Minh Anh after participating in buying. After selling international gold transactions for a while, this account was revoked by Mr. Loui and gave the students a new account. I registered for a private group. In the large group, there were more than 700 people. I was informed that the small group had 28 members. Initially, I deposited more than 12 thousand dollars after buying according to the teacher's order and my assistant's account increased to 32 thousand. At that time, the teacher asked to temporarily stop trading in the gold market and switch to the Vietnamese market and asked to withdraw, I withdrew. If he didn't let me pay to upgrade my account to about 10,000 USD, after I upgraded it to withdraw money as scheduled, he asked me to pay 20% for the teacher to pay the profit, which was about 70 million VND, then asked me again. My account had a problem with money laundering, then I asked for a lawsuit, they said the account was suspected of money laundering and wouldn't let me withdraw, asking me to pay 80% more. I didn't agree, so I asked them to sue the police, then the customer service sent a refund. Information about the company's legal department contacted me and I discussed everything and recorded it to testify and they promised to verify 3 days later they verified and answered me that I have no problem. regarding regulations and solutions for customers! After that, I will make an appointment for 5 more days until May 11 to return the account according to regulations, then I will withdraw the money and report according to regulations, I must pay an additional 2,000 USD to activate and pay at exactly 9:00 a.m. on May 13, 2024. As reported by CSKH, today IG automatically locked my account and blocked my account for fraud and appropriation of more than 1 billion VND (I have collected all those involved and those who received the money).

Nguyễn Thuận
2024-05-13 12:08


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